White House Prepares New COVID-19 International Travel System

The United States is developing a new “international travel system” which includes efforts to enforce contact tracing (contact tracing). The system will be put in place when America begins to reopen its country to migrants, a senior White House official said Wednesday.

Jeff Zients, who is the White House’s coordinator for COVID-19 affairs, told the US Travel and Tourism Advisory Council that the government will not immediately remove travel restrictions, given the COVID-19 case situation posed by the Delta variant in America and around the world.

Reuters first reported in early August that the White House was developing vaccine entry requirements that apply to nearly all foreign visitors. Previously, the White House had confirmed that it was considering requiring foreign visitors to be vaccinated.

“The American people should be able to trust the new international travel system to be safer even though we will eventually allow more people to enter (to America),” Zients said. He reminded that the new rules will replace the previous travel rules.

“We are considering vaccination requirements for all foreigners traveling to the US,” Zients said.

Several representatives of industry in the United States have expressed concern about the possibility that the administration of President Joe Biden will not open travel restriction (travel restrictions) until 2022.

The travel restriction policy in the US was first imposed for China in January 2020. This was done as an effort to avoid the spread of COVID-19. A number of countries have been added to the list of travel restrictions, including India which was only added to the list in May.

The government has said it wants to remove the travel restrictions “as soon as possible”. (jm/mg/rs)

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