US, Indonesia Return to Joint Exercises in the Singapore Strait

The US coast guard vessel USCGC Munro (WMSL) earlier this week carried out a series of joint operations and exercises with the Indonesian Maritime Security Agency (Bakamla) in the Singapore Strait.

“This maritime exercise with our Indonesian partners strengthens ties and provides opportunities for crew members to work together and build each other’s strengths,” said Marine Lieutenant Colonel Blake Novak, Commander of the Munrol Ship, in a written statement received by Mouab.

He added that the joint exercise “strengthens alliances and partnerships” and fulfills a shared commitment to ensure conditions for a “free and open Indo-Pacific, and promote peace, security, prosperity and sovereign rights of all nations.”

Bakamla “Passing Exercise” dengan USCGC Munro

In a separate statement Bakamla confirmed the joint exercise along the Indonesia-Singapore sea border on Monday (20/9). The Indonesian Bakamla patrol boat KN Pulau Dana 323 carried out “passing exercise” with USCGC Munro 755 which was departing from Singapore via the international route east of the Singapore Strait.

“Ending activities passing exercise At this time, KN Pulau Dana 323 saluted or saluted USCGC Munro before continuing his patrol of maritime security and safety in the territorial waters of eastern Indonesia,” added Bakamla.

The American Coast Guard’s partnership with Indonesia is getting stronger and stronger over time. In 2019 the American coast guard ship USCGC Stratton carried out activities with Bakamla as part of an assignment to the Western Pacific region. At that time, USCGC Stratton had anchored in Batam and conducted training in the Riau Islands province. In the same year USCGC Stratton also did joint training “Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training” with the Navy.

In a written statement received by Mouab, the USCGC Munro, which measures more than 120 meters and operates under tactical control of the US Navy’s 7th Fleet, left its home port of Alameda, California, last June, to be stationed for several months in the Western Pacific. .

USCGC Munro, which is a class ship “national security cutter”, has advanced command and control capabilities, aviation support facilities, boat launchers and has better endurance for long-range patrols. All of these advantages allow the crew of the USCGC Munro to thwart threats to national security in more distant offshore locations.

McAllister : Proud To Operate With Bakamla To Improve Maritime Security

US Coast Guard Pacific Region Commander Vice Admiral Michael F. McAllister said “we are proud to operate with Bakamla to enhance capabilities, strengthen maritime governance, security and promote a rules-based international order.” He emphasized, “strengthening partnerships contributes to the maritime common good in the region, in search and rescue efforts, law enforcement, marine environmental response and other common interests.”

Indonesian Navy Exercises with the Singapore Navy in Natuna

This exercise comes only one day after the Indonesian Navy (TNI-AL) held a war exercise with the Singapore Navy (The Republic of Singapore Navy/RSN) in the Natuna Sea, Riau Islands, last week. The exercise, entitled “Latma Eagle Indopura 2021”, involved two KRI elements from the ranks of the Eskoarta Koarmada II Ship Unit, namely KRI Diponegoro-265 and KRI Malahayati-362. Meanwhile, the RSN involved two warships, namely the RSS Tenacious-71 and the RSS Justice-18.

The exercise, which also involved several aircraft and helicopters, namely the Indonesian Navy’s Cassa aircraft and the F-50 RSN aircraft, was extended to the waters of Batam, the Singapore Strait and the Natuna Sea.

There has been no confirmation from the Indonesian authorities regarding the connection between the increase in joint exercises around the Singapore Strait and the Natuna Sea with these countries with the widespread reports of the presence of thousands of ships belonging to Vietnam and China which have recently entered North Natuna waters near the China Sea. South. [em/es]

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