UK PM Meets US House Speaker, Discusses Pandemic and Terrorism Issues

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson met with US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday (22/9) at the US Capitol Hill as part of a brief visit to Washington. There, Johnson previously met with US senators.

Apart from attending the United Nations General Assembly in New York, the British Prime Minister on Tuesday visited Washington and met with US President Joe Biden at the White House.

In a photo opportunity with reporters, Pelosi said she had met with Johnson last week while she was in London for the G-7 summit of parliamentary leaders. He praised the British leader for hosting the climate summit to be held in Glasglow, Scotland, November 1-12. Pelosi said they intended to discuss joint efforts to fight terrorism and end the COVID-19 pandemic.

Johnson told reporters it was very important for him to visit Pelosi’s office, because all his life he felt America and the US Congress supported all democratic ideals and “the principle that the people, and only the people should choose their government.”

Johnson told Pelosi the US could count on its support and the UK’s backing in upholding the principle.

During a visit to London last week, Pelosi said she was canceling the peace treaty with Northern Ireland – known as Good Friday Accords – might exacerbate post-Brexit trade agreement negotiations between the UK and the US.

The Johnson administration at least wants to renegotiate part of the agreement. The two leaders did not mention publicly about the possibility of disagreement in the talks. (ps/ka)

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