The public’s interest is very big, the closing tickets for the 2018 Asian Games are on sale from Tuesday

The huge public interest in witnessing the closing ceremony of the biggest sporting event in Asia, the 2018 Asian Games, made the organizers decide to sell tickets for the closing ceremony starting on Tuesday (28/8).

“We will sell the tickets on 28/8,” said Francis Wanandi, Deputy II of the 2018 Asian Games Organizing Committee in a written statement received by Mouab Monday night (27/8).

“Indeed, from before there has been a change in ticket sales agents, but it has been overcome with the cooperation of three related partners, and tomorrow we will sell it to the public,” he added.

Three official partners who have been appointed to distribute around 55-58 thousand tickets for the closing ceremony on Sunday (2/9) are,, and the official Asian Games website. [].

“For people who want to buy, they can go through three official partners,” Francis said while mentioning the names of the three partners. “The price is different, it’s cheaper than the opening ticket, which is around 500 thousand. Two million is the most expensive,” he added.

Closing Ceremony Will Be More Intimate With Audience

In contrast to the opening ceremony which has been praised by various groups at home and abroad, both those who came live at Gelora Bung Karno Senayan Jakarta and those who watched it on live television, because of the presence of thousands of dancers and artists who were stunning – and of course President Joko Widodo’s stylish performance. The “Mission Impossible”; the closing ceremony is more of a sign of gratitude for the success of this big celebration.

At the 2018 Asian Games opening ceremony, the audience was entertained by President Joko Widodo's

At the 2018 Asian Games opening ceremony, the audience was entertained by President Joko Widodo’s “Mission Impossible” performance on a motorbike (photo: doc).

“The concept is different from the opening. This time the concept is celebration. Celebrating togetherness and thanking the Asian nation, at this event, because of the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia,” said Wishnutama, Creative Director of the 2018 Asian Games Ceremony.

Music arranger Ronald Steven gave a little sneak peek of the closing ceremony later by saying, “We made the concept this time like a music concert, more focused on the singer.”

Wishnutama implies the presence of a number of top artists, including Afghan, Denada, Winky Wiryawan, RAN, Bunga Citra Lestari, J-Flow, Dira Sugandi, Isyana Saraswati, and Super Junior – a Korean boy band that is very popular with young people in Asia.

Organizers hoped the closing ceremony would be as lively as the opening and “be a timeless moment of Asian power,” said Francis Wanandi. [em]

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