Taiwan Signs Up to Join CPTPP Trade Agreement

Taiwan’s economy minister said Thursday that his government has formally applied for joining the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership/CPTPP).

Wang Mei-hua, Minister of Economic Affairs, told reporters at a press conference in Taipei that the government had prepared supporting measures to address its possible impact on each industry before applying to join the CPTPP.

China had also submitted its application to join the CPTPP trade pact a week ago, on 16 September.

China’s participation in the CPTPP aims to strengthen the “Belt and Road Initiative” and will also provide an opportunity for the Chinese government to impede Taiwan’s opportunities in international trade.

Taiwan’s chief trade negotiator and minister without portfolio, John Deng said if China joined the CPTPP before Taiwan, then it would be a big drag for Taiwan.

“China has blocked Taiwan’s opportunities on the international scene. I think this is a real fact that is witnessed by everyone. Therefore, if China joins the CPTPP ahead of Taiwan, then it will jeopardize Taiwan’s application.”

Deng said Taiwan’s democracy and rule of law show that Taiwan and China follow different organizational systems.

When asked about restrictions on Japanese food imports, Deng said the Taiwanese government would find appropriate ways to deal with the issue with Japanese authorities when negotiations take place under the framework of a trade pact after Taiwan joins the CPTPP. [lt/uh]

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