Pfizer Ensures Vaccines Are Safe for Children 5-11 Years Old

Drugmakers Pfizer and BioNTech announced Monday (20/9) that their two-dose, low-dose COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective for administration to children ages 5 to 11.

The company from the United States (US) and its German partner, BioNTech, said that the results from trials showed the vaccine was well tolerated and strong, and was able to neutralize the immune response (antibodies) at the lower dose levels required for children. -younger children.

About 28 million US children fall into that age range, and millions of adults still refuse to get vaccinated.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says more than 181 million people have been fully vaccinated in the country, but another 70 million aged 12 and over have not been vaccinated.

Pfizer said it had studied lower doses of one-third of the adult dose in trials given to more than 2,200 kindergarten and elementary students. Two-thirds of the children were vaccinated, and the remaining third were given saltwater injections. The company says vaccinated children develop levels of antibodies that are just as strong as those shown by teens and young adults.

The decision to resume face-to-face learning in schools in the midst of a delta variant that is widespread across America, makes parents feel anxious.

They requested that government health officials approve vaccines for their children.

Compared to parents, children are at lower risk of severe illness or death from COVID-19, but more than 5 million children in the US have tested positive for COVID-19, and at least 460 have died, according to data from the American Pediatric Association. (ps/rs)

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