Organizers Ensure the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics Runs On Time

Kathy Carter, who this week was appointed CEO and organizing committee of the 2028 Los Angeles (LA28) Olympics and Paralympics, ensures that the costs of hosting the quadrennial Games are kept under control. Carter also believes that the event will have a good impact on the city of Los Angeles.

To Reuters, Carter said it would not build new sports facilities for the biggest games. He said the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games would take advantage of existing sports facilities and an estimated cost of $6.9 billion.

These expenses will likely be covered by income from sponsorship donations, ticket sales and other sources.

“First and foremost, we will organize this event on time and within our budget,” said Carter.

Prior to being appointed CEO of the organizing committee for the Summer Games, Carter served as the committee’s finance director. He managed to secure a partnership with a key sponsor while in that position.

“There are many things that can be done to make it easier for athletes, stakeholders, and fans to enjoy this event,” he added.

Carter added that one of the important components to building a sports event that has a broad impact and can answer the skepticism shown by some parties regarding the event is to start running programs that can improve the welfare of the people in the city of Los Angeles.

To kickstart this effort, LA28 will invest $160 million to make sports more accessible to children throughout Los Angeles, particularly in poor community areas. The sports included in the program include swimming, tennis, golf, and judo. (jm / mg)

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