McDonald’s Will Eliminate Plastic Toys From Children’s Menu

Fast-food chain restaurant giant McDonald’s said Tuesday it will remove plastic toys from Happy Meals, a special menu package for children, in 2025.

“From now on and gradually around the world until the end of 2025, our ambition is that every toy sold on the Happy Meal menu will be made from environmentally friendly, more renewable, recycled or certified materials such as bio-based and plant-derived materials. from certified fibers,” the company said in a statement.

McDonald’s says this process has already started in the UK and Ireland, and all Happy Meals toys in France have been made with eco-friendly materials.

The special menu for children usually contains plastic toys, often small toys of hero figures. The new plans mean the toys will probably be made of cardboard for children to assemble.

McDonald’s, which has served Happy Meals since 1979, said its new plan to make toys from renewable materials would reduce the use of fossil fuel plastic in its toys by 90 percent.

But the company admits that much of McDonald’s packaging remains plastic. The company said it had “prescribed” all of its packaging from “renewable, recycled or certified sources” by 2025. (ps/ka)

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