Iraqi President Outlines Desire to Establish Good Relations with His Neighbors

Iraqi President Barham Salih on Wednesday (23/9) said his country was committed to fostering peaceful relations with its neighbors, especially Iran.

Speaking in New York where he will also address the 76th UN General Assembly, Salih said that “it recognizes the importance of this relationship, and we should not be ashamed or hesitate to acknowledge the importance of Iraq’s relationship with Iran.”

“We want to have peaceful and stable relations with our neighbours, with Iran, as a fellow sovereign country. This also refers to our relations with Turkey, and also (Arabic) Saudis, and other neighboring countries,” Salih said.

“Anyone who wants to use Iraq as a proxy zone will not succeed,” he added.

Salih also acknowledged the important long-term commitment made by the United States government to keep his country strong and stable.

“America remains important. America is a global power, as I said, (America) is also a pre-eminent power. This is undeniable. But it is about the fate of Iraq itself and we have to take responsibility for that,” Salih said.ka/ps)

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