Haitian Migrants Seek Asylum in Mexico City

Dozens of Haitian migrants on Wednesday (22/9) flocked to the offices of the Mexican Commission for Attention to Refugees in Mexico City to ask for asylum.

Unlike the thousands of Haitians who have crossed the Mexico-US border on both sides of the Rio Grande in the past week, some have decided to stay in Mexico.

“Many will leave the north (America) and come here, to this city, to seek new opportunities,” said Alexandre Ovil, a Haitian lawyer based in Mexico City.

He said that migration flows would continue to increase and that the Mexican City government “must do something to provide the necessary solution in this case.”

Most of them arrived from Tapachula by bus and many had spent several years in Chile before attempting to travel to the north.

Haitian migrant Obenson Limó, with his wife, lived for three years in Chile, after leaving his hometown of Gonaives in Haiti. When their child was born, they decided to travel to America.

When they heard the Haitians were being deported to their homeland, they decided to settle in Mexico.

“Haiti is very bad right now,” he said. “I want to live here in Mexico.” (ps/ka)

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