From Salah Jojo to Bambang Hartono

Mouab Indonesia summarizes five of them.

Not Jojo Suherman, but Jojo Christie

When Indonesian badminton athlete, Jonatan ‘Jojo’ Christie, won gold in the men’s singles number, a Twitter account containing info about the 2018 Asian Games, @asiangames2k18, managed by a netizen named Panji Prasa, mentioned former singer and child actor Joshua Suherman, who is also familiarly called Jojo, in his congratulations.

It is not known whether this ‘wrong tweet’ was intentional or not.

Obviously, the teasing of the account that has more than 10 thousand followers also became the talk of the masses and was repeated more than 3,900 times.

Joshua responded to the tease and wrote, “You do not disturb the situation, sir…”

And in a short time, the ‘wrong Jojo’ meme also enlivened the mass line. Here are some of them:

Athlete’s Name Play, Naughty!

More than 10,000 athletes from outside Indonesia competed in the 2018 Asian Games. From that large number, it turned out that Indonesian netizens only found the names of athletes that they considered similar to Indonesian vocabulary.

Here are some of them:

They got the names from the official website,

Don’t miss the name of the sport

The 2018 Asian Games sports, netizens don’t forget to play around with.

They modified the icon for the sport, which was certainly not contested, from various icons on the 2018 Asian Games official website.

Bonus for Richest People

What if one of the richest people in Indonesia with a total wealth of $ 16.7 billion or around IDR 225 trillion becomes a medal winner at the Asian Games?

The answer, none other than that he will become the subject of a meme.

Michael Bambang Hartono is the oldest athlete to compete at the 2018 Asian Games.

Michael Bambang Hartono is the oldest athlete to compete at the 2018 Asian Games.

At least that’s what happened to Bridge athlete, Michael Bambang Hartono who won a bronze medal at the 2018 Asian Games.

Bambang is the owner of the Djarum cigarette company and has an investment in Bank BCA.

One of the memes that circulated widely, joking about the prizes to be given to medal -winning athletes.

“Fortunately, he only got bronze… If he gets gold, he will be given a bonus as a civil servant. I feel sorry for the head of the department.”

There was also a tweet that wrote that the transfer of the bonus to Bambang’s account “failed many times, because apparently the bonus money did not dare enter, inferior”.

​Or those who compare Bambang with Jonatan Christie who is popular for his undressing act, “Jo, don’t be happy just yet. Wait for me to open the safe, they will move.”

And not to be missed, the @ariodimas account tweeted that it was the Ministry of Youth and Sports who finally borrowed money from Bambang, because there were too many expenses during the Asian Games.

Hugs That Become Lips

However, the meme that has circulated the most in the past two days is related to the action of the gold-winning pencak silat athlete, Hanifan Yudani Kusumah, who attracted President Joko Widodo and the General Chairperson of the Indonesian Pencak Silat Executive Board, Prabowo Subianto, to hug each other.

The moment of the embrace of Jokowi and Prabowo, who are ready to compete in the 2019 Presidential Election, is considered important and is widely discussed by netizens.

The hashtag #Wowo SayangWiwi has gone viral.

While typing the meme that reads “This intimacy, don’t pass quickly”, the @tvllankz account tweeted “Can’t move on from this dear story, it’s really cold.”

The photo of Jokowi walking with Prabowo was also widely used as a meme.

“Find a guy who’s look at you like how Wowo look at Wiwi,” cuit akun @rachellychaa.

And, there are even nosy netizens who lead this moment into a political issue, although still in a joking tone.​

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