Brazilian football icon Pele undergoes tumor removal surgery

Brazilian football icon Pele recently underwent surgery to remove a tumor on the right side of his colon at a hospital in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paolo, where Pele underwent surgery, announced on Monday (6/9) that the 80-year-old football legend is now in the intensive care unit and will be moved to a regular room on Tuesday (7/9). ).

The operation was a “big win,” Pele wrote on his social media account.

Pele actually came to the hospital last week for a routine checkup, when doctors discovered the tumour. The hospital said the tumor was identified in routine cardiovascular and laboratory examinations. He added that the hospital then collected samples for pathological analysis.

“I thank God for feeling so good and allowing Dr. Fabio and Dr. Miguel takes care of my health,” said the former footballer who was named one of the best players in the world by the FIFA International Football Federation.

“Last Saturday I underwent surgery due to a suspicious wound on the right side of my colon. The tumor was identified in that medical test I mentioned last week. Luckily I’m used to celebrating big wins with you.”

“I will face this fight with a smile on my face, a lot of optimism and joy because my life is surrounded by the love of my family and friends.”em / lt)

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