Bolivian Cholita Woman Playing Soccer on Mountaintop

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The Cholitas Climbers, a group of women climbers from the indigenous Aymara tribe, Bolivia, compete in soccer at an altitude of 5,890 meters on Mount Huayna Potosi near La Paz on Wednesday (16/9).

Dressed in traditional attire and blankets, including hiking gear, nine Cholita women climbed one of La Paz’s snow-capped peaks to play soccer for 20 minutes in the pouring snow.

Julia Quispe Tincuta, head of Cholitas Climbers Bolivia said, “We are very grateful and as we promised, this is the second football match we have played on the mountain. We have just finished this match and we feel very happy. We will always remember it in our hearts. us. Long live Cholita Chambers.”

Cholitas descend Mount Huayna Potosi with their husbands, who work as professional guides, on the outskirts of El Alto, Bolivia, December 17, 2015. (AP)

They used improvised climbing sticks as goal posts in the snow.

Before climbing, they give offerings to Pachamama or the Indigenous Goddess in their tradition, as well as to ask for good luck in the football match.

Julia Quispe Tincuta added, “Thank you for your support. All members of the Cholitas Climbers will be forever grateful. And we are proud to be able to fly the polleras, our Bolivian flag and the Wiphala representing all the indigenous women of Quechua and Aymara.”

Polleras are the skirts on the traditional Cholita dress, while the Wiphala is the flag representing the indigenous peoples of the Andes mountains.

Aymara indigenous women train down a glacier on Mount Huayna Potosi, Bolivia April 6, 2016. (REUTERS)

Aymara indigenous women train down a glacier on Mount Huayna Potosi, Bolivia April 6, 2016. (REUTERS)

Cholitas Climbers was formed in 2015, and so far they have climbed some of the highest mountain peaks in Bolivia.

In 2019, the group also managed to climb the peak of South America’s highest mountain, Aconcagua in Chile. [lj/uh]

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