Armed Flock Shoots Ukrainian Presidential Aide’s Car

Gunmen on Wednesday opened fire on a car carrying a senior aide to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, the national police said.

Zelenskiy, who was in New York to attend the UN General Assembly, in a video statement said there would be a “strong response” to what a senior official described as an assassination attempt on presidential adviser Serguiï Shefir.

Although the official said the attack may have been a message to Zelenskiy, another presidential adviser, Mykhailo Podolyak, said the attack was in response to efforts to limit the oligarchs’ influence.

Zelenskiy won the presidency after vowing to confront the oligarchy and eradicate corruption in the country.

“It doesn’t affect the direction I choose with my team, towards change, lifting the economic burden, fighting criminals, and financial powerhouses,” Zelenskiy said.

A prosecutor said the car was hit 18 times, injuring the driver but Shefir survived unharmed.

“I did not take any action that would lead to retaliation. I think this is intimidation, “Shefir told a press conference with police and Interior Minister Denys Monastyrsky.

“I don’t think this will scare the president,” he added.

Police said they had not made any arrests but had launched a criminal investigation into suspected premeditated murder. [my/ka]

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